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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Do’s and Don’ts of American Silver Eagle Coins

If you have already invested in gold or are considering it, and are also looking for a way to diversify your portfolio, you may want to also look into investing in American Silver Eagles coins. The coin was originally introduced in 1986 and was available in two versions – bullion (the first silver bullion coin of the United States) and a proof edition. Both variants feature A. A. Weinman’s “Walking Liberty” design on one side, and a shielded eagle on the other. 

As with any other investment, we recommend that you should do your own research and understand your options before making any decisions – this will increase your chances of getting the most benefit out of your portfolio. Use our checklist below to make sure you have taken all the right steps to purchasing your American Silver Eagles.

1.   1. DON’T invest with your eyes closed
Investing in precious metals is not a guessing game, so don’t make hasty decisions – have a clear strategic plan for obtaining the assets you want and how you can maximize their benefit for your financial growth.

DO understand the difference between bullion and proof American Silver Eagles
While the coins may appear similar to the casual observer, each offers unique benefits, so talk to a precious metals specialist to learn more about each of them and pick the one (or an allocation of each) that suits your goals best.

2.   2. DON’T leave your silver coins unprotected
Should you choose to take physical possession of your coins, make sure they are securely stored – don’t hide them in your sock or under your wife’s rose bush! Choose a safety deposit box in your bank or consider an insured non-segregated depository. 

DO talk to an experienced precious metals specialist
When you are looking for a precious metals advisor, look for the one with a solid reputation and extensive experience in the market. Prepare a list of questions to ask and find out as many details as you can. True professionals will answer any and all of your questions and will take their time to make sure you understand your options and what is involved in the process of investment in your particular situation.

3.    3. DON’T make investment you are unsure about
If you are dealing with an “aggressive” salesperson, don’t give in and invest because of the pressure. “Pushy” sales tactics should be a warning sign that you want to find another precious metal dealer.
DO plan ahead for retirement

Both versions of American Silver Eagle coins offer great potential to shield your IRA or 401k from stock market volatility and the declining purchasing power of the dollar. While every situation is different, adding this additional level of protection for your retirement savings may be a smart move to safeguard your wealth and lifestyle.

Should you have any questions about American Silver Eagles, feel free to contact BirchGold Group, one of the nation’s leaders in precious metals investing. Our friendly and knowledgeable advisors will answer any questions you might have and help you choose the best option to protect your savings for your particular situation.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Ten Reasons to Roll Over your IRA to Gold

The recent economy decline affected many Americans’ retirement savings, with some investors losing as much as 70% or even more of their 401K or IRA value. As stock market volatility continues to threaten many of these accounts, how can you take steps to ensure that your hard-earned savings will be there when you retire?

You may have heard that you can convert your IRA to gold or other precious metals, but maybe you want to find out why it might be a smart move for you? Well, here are the 10 reasons why converting your IRA to physical gold might be a wise decision.

          Protection of your assets against stock market vulnerability
Retirement investments should be for the long-term, but unfortunately many people have seen their savings significantly devalued at least once over the last 10 years. Converting some of your assets to gold will help balance your account and potentially ensure its stability regardless of future stock market behavior.

      A shield against inflation
Inflation is usually caused by the Federal government printing more money, effectively devaluing the dollar and the purchasing power of consumers. While dollar value drops, the value of gold often increases.

           Safeguard your retirement from Washington politics
The political decisions of the Federal government can have devastating effects on the stock market – and there is no way of predicting how future decisions and actions could affect it. Rolling over your IRA to gold might help to safeguard your retirement savings against future swings of the stock market.

      Diversification of your investment portfolio
The old saying, “Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket” still applies to your retirement portfolio. With a gold-backed IRA you have the flexibility to choose just how much of your retirement savings you want to invest in gold. 

          Variety of investment options to choose from
A gold-backed IRA brings you a variety of options to choose from for your investment, such as bullion or proof coins. You can diversify your portfolio even further and opt to invest in other precious metals as well – like silver, platinum and palladium.

      Potential for growth
The value of gold has been grown throughout the last decade despite several economic “dives”. This potential for growth represents a great opportunity to not only shield your retirement savings from an uncertain economy and volatile stock market, but also to reach your financial goals.

      Tax benefits
Gold IRA accounts are treated by the government like any other approved retirement account, meaning you get the exact same tax benefits when you place your assets in an IRA backed by investments in physical gold.

      Give your IRA some TLC
Some retirement accounts lose their value due to neglect by their owners. Don’t procrastinate and take charge of your retirement and your financial future. Now is the time to talk to a gold IRA specialist and get your retirement back on the track to achieving your financial goals.

          Preserve your lifestyle
Everyone has a long list of things they would like to do when they retire. When you roll over your IRA into gold, you not only protect your hard-earned savings from the stock market’s unpredictable behavior and other factors that are beyond your control, you also ensure that you and your family, can continue the lifestyle you are accustomed to today.

       Converting IRA to gold is easy
Rolling over your IRA to physical gold is easy, and Birch Gold Group is there to help you get started. Their friendly precious metals advisors will answer any questions you might have and help you throughout the rollover process. Safeguarding your assets is just a mouse click away – click here to have a gold IRA specialist contact you today.