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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Why Precious Metals Should Be In Your Retirement Portfolio

If you haven’t given much thought about your retirement portfolio, then you should definitely start by considering precious metals.

If you plan on retiring—which most of us do—then you’d be well advised to give the contents of your retirement portfolio some serious consideration. Your strategy should be flexible enough to adjust for income fluctuations and variable market conditions, and precious metals offer the kind of dynamic stability that can help you meet many economic challenges.

Precious metals, particularly gold and silver, provide measurable growth opportunity and can also help to protect the rest of your savings from any economic downturns. Gold and silver are widely considered safe haven assets. This is because neither commodity can actually be manufactured by a national bank, so government policies don't directly influence their value. This being the case, they can help to act as a counter to other assets in your retirement savings.

Moreover, if you purchase gold and silver for an individual retirement account with pre-tax income, your tax burden will be lower than if you were to purchase precious metals outside an IRA.

Ultimately, your physical precious metals are yours to do with as you choose. You can keep your holdings at the storage facility you select; withdraw your gold or silver and hold it in its actual physical form; or have a check of its market value drafted.

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