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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Analysts Say Win-Win Situation is Forming for Gold

Despite the dollar's recent gains, ScotiaMocatta sees gold recapturing its haven appeal.

gold in a win win situation

In the latest edition of ScotiaMocatta's monthly Metal Matters report, the bank's analysts examined gold's prospects amid various geopolitical escalations. After falling for much of 2017, the U.S. dollar managed to rebound in December and has since attracted the attention of safe haven-oriented investors.

According to a recent article on Kitco, ScotiaMocatta sees gold eventually winning against the greenback and recapturing its haven appeal. A notable part of gold's tepid summer was a lack of response to risk factors that would otherwise warrant a price boost. But now, with a clear bottom forming on the chart, the analysts are certain that gold will receive its long-overdue benefits from the myriad of risks on the horizon.

Among them is a well-publicized tariff battle between the U.S. and two of its main trading partners in China and Canada reports Kitco. The Asian nation has seen over $200 billion of its exports to the U.S. incur higher levies and has pledged to retaliate in kind. Meanwhile, Canada finds itself facing a possible exclusion from the trillion dollar-worth Nafta agreement, which would greatly complicate trade with its U.S. and Mexican neighbors.

Iran has also been a source of concern, as the country saw its economy placed into question by sanctions imposed by the U.S. over nuclear disagreements. The situation will likely worsen towards the end of the year says Kitco, when further sanctions are scheduled to take place.

ScotiaMocatta also expects flare-ups in emerging markets to make an impact on gold's price, noting that the strength of the dollar has highlighted the weakness in various emerging economies. According to the article, the recent economic upheaval in Turkey has taken center stage, with the country experiencing a hyperinflation scenario similar to that of Venezuela. The presence of several European banks in Turkey raised concerns that the crisis could spread across the entire eurozone as well as complicate the region's handling of migrants. The analysts listed Argentina, South Africa, Russia, Brazil and Italy as other potential sources of risk, whether due to issues with their respective governments or those stemming from U.S. interference.

To ScotiaMocatta, this is a win-win situation for gold, as renewed safe-haven demand will be further strengthened by lower price levels. Likewise, emerging market crises could make the world's leading central banks, including the Federal Reserve, hesitate to continue applying their tightening policy writes the article.

The bank listed $1,241 an ounce as a key level to watch out for in the gold market. According to the analysts, a holdout above this threshold, coupled with any sign of weakness in the dollar, could trigger an aggressive price rebound in the metal as funds rush to cover their positions.