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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Political Woes to Heat Up Gold and Bitcoin

Political uncertainty and elevated risk to increase appetite in safe-haven investments.

Gold and bitcoin ready to heat up

Safe-haven investments shine in times of uncertainty and elevated risk. As TheStreet's David Yoe Williams points out, for U.S. investors, there has been no shortage of either in recent times.

Yoe cites domestic issues as being the most immediate concern, with the publicized back-and-forth over Obamacare taking center stage. Republican Senators have neither managed to repeal the Affordable Care Act nor find a replacement for it, a problem which will have ongoing ramifications for the U.S. economy.

Aside from the growing U.S. debt ceiling, another point of concern is the growing perception that the Trump administration isn't as efficient as many had hoped it would be. Yoe claims that this could cause a significant downturn in the stock and bond markets, both of which benefitted from the promise of an economic recovery, or the "Trump Bump".

International issues are increasingly becoming a concern as well, with recent events putting more pressure on an already strained relationship between the U.S. and Russia. There's also risk coming from Europe and China – both face an increasing amount of debt, and both will soon host elections that could significantly shake up their politics.

Many people are concerned that North Korea is a ticking time-bomb, with the country continuing to make subtle threats in the form of showcasing its offensive might. The Trump administration seems content to respond to force with force, which would put the markets in turmoil and increase the appeal of safe-haven assets.

Beyond politics, another current hot topic for the financial markets are cryptocurrencies. Recent ruling by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission show that the government is starting to take them seriously. It's clear that investors are looking for a safe-haven commodity outside the monetary system because not only are they note closely tied to economic and geopolitical issues, but they are also able to provide anonymous transactions away from government scrutiny.

As popular as cryptocurrencies might be getting, Williams notes that the precious metals market looks ready to outstrip them. After all, despite their touted benefits, cryptocurrencies bring with them a significant amount of volatility and could be the most unpredictable out of any asset.

Precious metals can provide a safer alternative, which is ideal when talking haven assets whose primary purpose is protection. Gold has gained 9% this year with silver posting a 3% gain during the same period; by all accounts, this appears to be the beginning of a positive trend in both markets. As Williams puts it, the "gold standard" protection that these metals offer will continue to be highly valued in an environment where certainty seems less and less available.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Next Gold Bull Market Driven by Stock Correction says Sprott CEO

Weaker-than-expected economy could be the perfect catalyst for next gold bull market.

next gold bull market driven by stock correction

Central banks from around the world have grown bolder in their approach, with many of them embarking on a course of tightening monetary policy for the first time in recent memory. Aside from the U.S. Federal Reserve's much-publicized rate hiking, the Bank of Canada recently raised rates for the first time since 2010, and the European Central Bank indicated that it might follow suit.

According to Sprott Inc. CEO Peter Grosskopf, however, the banks are operating on overly optimistic economic forecasts and will not be able to hike rates as quickly as expected. "We think the underlying economies and the strength of the economies can be debated," Grosskopf explained. "If you look at the underlying statistics, it's a lot less evident that the economy is strong."

Grosskopf believes this will provide the next leg up for the yellow metal, with weaker-than-expected economic growth leading to the stock correction that many are expecting. This risk-heavy environment would act as a perfect catalyst for the next gold bull market.

"The next move on gold will be driven by an equity market correction," Grosskopf told Bloomberg in an interview. "It's a pretty safe bet that if equity markets start to look volatile and dangerous then a lot of money will flow into gold as a hedge to that."

Sprott USA chairman Whitney George agrees that it's dangerous for central banks to hike in unison amid low inflation. He expects this to not only put pressure on the stock market but to also negatively affect the currencies of the countries involved.

"When you look at the history of the last 20 years, every time central banks have decided it was time to take the punch bowl away we've had quite a dislocation," says George.
Grosskopf, whose firm is in the midst of returning to a precious metals-oriented investment strategy, feels that investors have been lulled into a false sense of security, resulting in a reduction of their gold positions.

These investors are sure to flock back to the safety of the yellow metal as soon as they think trouble is brewing, allowing gold to reach new heights. According to the firm's strategists, gold has the potential to rally past $1,400 by year's end.

"People haven't placed a high priority on having a hedge because the punch bowl seemed to be relatively full," said Grosskopf. "Gold is vastly under-invested by most investors, so it's got a lot of growth ahead of it."

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Uncovering Gold Ownership in America

While polls offer only limited insight into how much gold Americans own, history could give us a better clue.

Gold ownership in the US

The statistics of gold ownership in the U.S. are difficult to track. It's known that the nation occupies high spots on the lists of top gold consumers and biggest gold hoarders, but past that point, data is relatively muddled.

Polls show that Americans continue to rank gold highly as an investment, with the metal landing third on a recent list of the best-perceived long-term investments. This data, however, offers only limited insight into how much bullion Americans are buying. Even the U.S. Mint's statistics, which show $1.2 billion worth of gold coins being sold in 2015, does little to inform us about individual purchases.

Writing in the LA Times, James Ledbetter believes that a look at history might give us a better clue of where gold sits with American investors. Despite being illegal to own between 1933 and 1975, gold remained a very popular investment in the country.

When gold was first confiscated in the 1930s, the hoard of privately-owned gold was estimated to be at $1.4 billion, a massive amount that was twice the size of the Bank of England's reserves. After the government tried to  buy up all the remaining gold, the Treasury estimated that $287 million in gold coins still sat with people.

Clearly, Americans didn't want to give up on owning gold despite the administration's threats. As the government couldn't reconcile the high amount of remaining gold coins with their new illegal status, the figure was simply expunged from the books and the gold is thought to have been smuggled out of the country or kept in private collections.

Ledbetter notes that gold retains its secrecy even half a century after a floating currency was established in the U.S., and long after one could argue for the economic and security reasons of being vague about gold hoards.

The secrecy surrounding gold has also given rise to conspiracies involving a lack of physical gold, such as the notion that the Federal Reserve has little to no gold bullion. Yet despite the restrictions in producing accurate estimates, it's safe to assume that 1% to 3% of Americans own gold, although Ledbetter and others believe that the number could be as high as 10%.

These statistics would mean that anywhere between 2.5 million and 25 million of America's citizens own gold. Regardless of the size of individual gold hoards, these numbers underline the importance of gold investment in the country while a closer look could redefine what we know about Western appetite for the metal.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Exclusive: Canadian Silver Twin Maples Coin (2 oz) from Birch Gold Group

The evolution of the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf is here

Canadian Silver Twin Maples

Perfection can be hard to top, and there are very few bullion coins as flawless as the ever-popular Canadian Silver Maple Leaf. Ever since the first Maple Leaf was minted three decades ago, the coin has stood as a paragon of value in a tumultuous world that has seen economic markets around the world rise and fall numerous times.

Demand for the 1 oz Maple Leaf has been elevated by its near-absolute purity, with a silver content of 99.99%. This has helped to establish it as a preferred coin among many people who purchase precious metals.

With tens of millions of the valuable coin in circulation, many have wondered when the Royal Canadian Mint will look to create another coin equally impressive, if not more so. That time has finally come, as we are proud to announce that Birch Gold Group will be the exclusive distributor of the Canadian Silver Twin Maples.

In some ways, the new coin is reminiscent of its predecessor: The memorable portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, designed by Susanna Blunt, remains on the coin's obverse. In addition, the coin's high purity once again acts as a guarantee of its inclusion in portfolios big and small, as well as in Precious Metals IRAs.

The coin's reverse has seen some changes, as the new image of the maple leaf was created by Celia Godkin in a tactful endeavor to reinvigorate a classic design. The Silver Twin Maple's leaf is the sugar maple, a Canadian native which has long served as a symbol of the country's prosperity.

Perhaps the most notable change from the Silver Canadian Maple Leaf (also sold by Birch Gold Group) is that the Silver Twin Maples will contain a full two ounces of silver, twice as much as its predecessor. Further, to show that they are truly keeping up with the times, the Royal Canadian Mint will imbue the coin's sparkling surface with two high-tech security measures in the form of precise radial lines and a micro engraved laser maple leaf – these will ensure that the coin is as unmistakable under a microscope as it is to the naked eye.

Click here to learn more about the 2 oz Silver Twin Maples, or to contact Birch Gold Group to make a purchase.

Ben Shapiro Gold Company as Heard on Ben Shapiro Show: Birch Gold Group

Shapiro and Birch Gold Group working to educate Americans on value of purchasing gold

Ben Shapiro gold

In today's world, it can be difficult to get an opinion from someone you know will speak from their heart. Getting an expert opinion on how to safeguard your hard-earned savings can prove even more difficult, especially in the current landscape of aggressive profit-seeking.

Birch Gold Group's collaboration with Ben Shapiro, Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Wire and New York Times bestselling author, is a move towards clearing the clutter of incorrect and often damaging information about financial related matters, and bringing the cold, hard facts about money to the American people.

Since his early work, Shapiro has shown a fondness for precious metals, and the candid author and host of the Ben Shapiro Show continues to remind people why they can't afford to overlook gold and silver. His endorsement of Birch Gold as his precious metals firm of choice since August 2016 shows another level of dedication to helping Americans protect their savings.

Paper cash holdings have never been more vulnerable, especially when held in a virtual setting such as a bank account. The constant erosion of the dollar's purchasing power, coupled with the increase in cyber attacks, means that your holdings in "paper" or digital form are less secure than if they are resting in the form of a tried-and-true physical asset, whose intrinsic value is never put into question.

Time and time again, gold and silver have shown that they fit the bill perfectly, as they can help Americans avoid the volatility of equities, while still having growth potential. This is one of the primary reasons why Ben Shapiro advocates diversifying into precious metals with Birch Gold Group.

If you're an investor looking to diversify your portfolio, purchasing physical gold and silver is one decision that should make a lot of sense. Or, if you're simply looking to protect and preserve your savings, such as in an IRA or eligible 401(k), moving into an IRA backed by physical gold and silver is something that Ben Shapiro advocates for as well. And in a world where your savings are often under threat, Birch Gold Group can help you achieve this.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Proof, Uncirculated Brilliant, and Bullion: Everything You Need to Know about Buying Physical Gold

Proof, Uncirculated Brilliant, and Bullion: Everything You Need to Know about Buying Physical Gold

If you’re going to purchase physical precious metals, you should know the types and finishes available to you. Here is a rundown of the different kinds – and qualities – of coins.

Precious metals come in a variety of beautiful finishes. As a precious metals buyer, you’ll want to know and understand the different options. Proof, uncirculated brilliant, and bullion coins offer unique advantages to those who are looking to protect their savings with precious metals.

Proof coins – what are they?

Regardless of which government mint produces them, proof coins are the very highest standard of precious metal coin, with unparalleled detail and craftsmanship. Their extraordinarily sharpness and luster is a credit to the skill and artistry of the minter, having been hand-polished and specially treated before striking. With their stunning, mirror-like finish and crystal clear, intricate pattern, proof coins can be an excellent addition to a portfolio of precious metals.

Proof coins are struck by hand-detailed dies, so that any flaws that might mar the strike are removed prior to the initial press, and each coin is inserted into its press by hand. The proof blanks receive at least two strikes at a comparatively lower speed than other coin finishes, resulting in superior clarity and definition.

Furthermore, proof coins are individually extracted from the press and closely examined for any imperfections. After each coin is struck, the dies are meticulously air-cleaned in order to preserve the integrity of the design. The methodical attention to detail means that very few coins can be struck within a particular time frame. While thousands of bullion coins can be produced in one hour, fewer than 50 proof coins can be struck in that time. Furthermore, the proof die must be thoroughly re-polished by hand after approximately 100 strikes.

Although the number of official proof coins is limited, many are produced with unique finishes. One particularly beautiful example is the high relief coin, where the design has a crisp, three-dimensional effect, resulting in detail so precise that nuances can often be identified by touch. The artistry of high relief proof coins rivals that of fine jewelry.

Another category of proof coin is the relatively new reverse proof. Standard proof coins feature a high-gloss background (table), with frosted relief (the design detail). Reverse proof coins have a mirror polish relief, with a frosted background. The frosted detail can be produced as either a satin or matte finish.

The rarity of proof coins, combined with their exceptional beauty and precise detail, makes the pieces extremely attractive to precious metals buyers seeking to supplement their collection with high-value products. For holders of precious metals IRAs, however, it is important to remember that American Eagle coins are the only proofs that are IRS-approved, since their purity is guaranteed by the U.S. government.

Brilliant uncirculated coins – a breakdown.

Although proof coins are the very highest grade of coinage, brilliant uncirculated (also called “B.U.”) coins can nonetheless be a great addition to any precious metals portfolio.

In order to be classified as “brilliant uncirculated,” these coins must retain at least 95 percent of their original degree of brilliance in their finish, with no scratches or wear marks that are indicative of circulated coins. While they are produced at a markedly larger scale than proof coins, there is nonetheless a fair amount of craftsmanship and quality control during the minting process – the dies are hand finished in the same way that proof coins are, only they are not hand-fed into die itself.

Bullion coins – an important consideration for any portfolio.

Many people who buy physical gold, silver, platinum, or palladium as an inflation hedge will also find bullion coins as an excellent option.

Standard bullion coins won’t necessarily be as intricate as their brilliant uncirculated counterparts, but they can be purchased at a lower premium. Bullion coins aren’t rare – gold coins can be struck at roughly 250 per hour, while as many as 3,000 silver coins can be struck per hour.

Surprisingly, one significant advantage to holding bullion is the fact that it is common, and therefore has a large, eager market. If you ever want (or need) to sell your bullion, the transaction will likely be very quick and straightforward, since there is no ambiguity with products that approach melt value. More collectable items, on the other hand, might take a bit more time, effort, and negotiation.

Although bullion coins won’t be valued very much above the spot price of the precious metals they contain, the coins are still remarkable pieces any buyer can be proud to own.

In order to ensure the best outcome for your precious metals investment – whether you are looking for growth or protection – it is critical to know what kind of bullion will most effectively meet your personal and financial goals. Here are a few things to consider before you make your purchase:
  • Do you want to preserve your wealth?
  • Do you want easy liquidity?
  • Did you set out to buy proof coins?
  • Are you comfortable with market fluctuations?
If you are interested in purchasing precious metal coins – proofs or standard bullion coins – it is critically important to find a reputable dealer. At Birch Gold Group, we offer a diverse spectrum of precious metal products, and have the experience and industry expertise to help our clients realize their long-term economic objectives. If you are interested in either purchasing proof coins or bullion for your portfolio, contact the professionals at Birch Gold Group today for a thorough consultation.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Protect Your Retirement Savings – Fight Inflation With Gold

Protect Your Retirement Savings – Fight Inflation With Gold

The dollar just isn’t worth what it used to be, and as time progresses, its value seems to be decreasing – or plummeting – at an alarming rate. If you’ve been setting aside the same amount into your 401(k) or IRA for the past decade, it is very possible that you could arrive at retirement age without enough money to see you through the first year, let alone the following 30. So, what can you do?

You can make sure you have a solid inflation hedge. You can buy gold.

How to Triumph Against Inflation

Cash is intrinsically incapable of combatting inflation. As we’ve seen, its buying power is continually diminishing; if you put aside $1000, in 25 years’ time, you may find that that $1000 can only buy you a fraction of the same goods that it can today. However, hard assets like gold, commercial real estate property, and farmland have inherent value – value that can protect you and your future against the plunging value of currency.

Gold has consistently stable buying power. While, unlike other assets, it doesn’t typically increase in value dramatically, it also generally doesn’t lose its purchasing power. For example, if you were to buy $100,000 in gold in 1955, you wouldn’t merely have $100,000 today; you’d have a hard asset with the buying power roughly equivalent to approximately $900,000.

It is essential that your retirement savings can cover everything your annual wages currently cover (and more, ideally). By purchasing physical gold, you can increase your financial stability throughout your retirement years, even as global markets and interest rates fluctuate.

For more details on how a Precious Metals IRA can help you meet your financial challenges and achieve your retirement goals, contact the experts at Birch Gold Group for a thorough consultation today. Visit facebook page for more details.