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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Incrementum AG Fund Manager Says Now is the Time to Buy Gold

Gold market has reached its lows for the year, with prices to gain traction as investors lose optimism.

According to one notable strategist, the gold market will soon see a strong shift in momentum and an accompanying spike in prices. A recent article on Kitco features Ronald-Peter Stoeferle, fund manager at Incrementum AG, and why he believes gold is headed towards an uptrend in the near term.

In the article, Stoeferle says that the gold market has already reached its lows for the year, and that prices will begin to gain traction as investors lose some of their optimism. Stoeferle added that gold's current levels make right now a good time to load up on bullion.

The money manager listed several favorable developments that will keep gold ahead in the coming months. According to the article, signs show that the recovery in the dollar is already losing steam and that investors are being less confident regarding the greenback's future. Stoeferle said that the dollar is bound to go down as the Federal Reserve rounds up its tightening cycle.

As investors come to realize that the Fed doesn't have a lot of hiking room left, the article states the dollar's rally will begin to fade. Stoeferle said that the downturn in the dollar has been a long time coming, noting that many investors were shorting the currency at the start of the year.

The fall in the dollar will coincide with another round of trade tensions and the ensuing market stress reports the article. He sees the potential threat of a trade war as a big statement in gold's favor, as the fallout could act as a major booster for the gold market. Stoeferle said that the growing global uncertainty could force the Fed to return to a looser monetary policy, which would further support the metal.

Stoeferle feels that his forecast for the dollar goes in line with key U.S. officials who have stated that a weaker dollar would be positive for trade. Even President Trump has, on several occasions, likewise called for a lower dollar in order to strengthen U.S. trade.

Although the booming stock market has been gold's greatest nemesis, the article writes that equities will end up bolstering the metal's price. Like numerous analysts, Stoeferle thinks that the record-setting equities are finally winding down. He views the trouble in emerging markets as an omen and a sign that the rest of the stock market will soon follow. The weak technical picture in the stock market is another point that gold will draw strength from.

To Stoeferle, the metal's tenacity in difficult times is the surest indicator of its ceaseless value. Even when other assets posted historic runs, gold remained competitive and avoided selloffs while waiting to make its move up.

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