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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

U.S. Civil Unrest? Gold Could be Your Security |

U.S. Civil Unrest? Gold could be Your Security

Widely respected economist and financial advisor Harry Dent is predicting civil unrest throughout the United States in the wake of the upcoming presidential election. Could it be the time to buy gold?

Florida-based financial advisor and economist Harry Dent has issued a proclamation: Americans are ready for a revolution, and when that revolution comes, he'll be safely in the Caribbean. As evidenced by the rise of the eccentric presidential candidates Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, it is becoming clear that a significant portion of the U.S. population is exceedingly displeased with the status quo. Tensions are high; Trump rallies have exploded into violence. Does it stand to reason that anyone looking for economic security would be wise to look to gold?

Author and economist Harry Dent loves to make predictions, and those predictions have been as flawed as they have been sound. However, in spite of his history of spotty proclamations, it is impossible to ignore the burgeoning dissatisfaction Americans are demonstrating at both democratic and republican rallies. Bernie Sanders's following has been described as the remobilization of Occupy Wall Street; Donald Trump has strong, if not entirely united, Tea Party support. Both of these political ideologies are staunchly anti-establishment, and both could be harbingers of significant social and economic disorder.

Will families flee to Canada en masse if Donald Trump becomes president? Will President Bernie Sanders's economic plan lead to a massive tax increase? No one can say with 100% certainty where this social displeasure will lead. However, historically, times of flux and change have meant market instability. One of the few commodities able to withstand market instability is gold.

Gold is a safe-haven asset. While economies churn, physical gold still holds value. If you're interested in long-term financial security, give us a call for a comprehensive consultation today.

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